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Extracurricular Activities in High School

             Extracurricular Activities In High School
             In High school it is necessary to be involved in extracurricular activities, but what type of activity suits a high school student? Of course, there are sports, decathlons, and literary clubs, and there are also jobs. Many teens work today in fast food parlors, department stores and movie theaters, but out of all of these choices, which is best? As a high school student, it is better to be involved in an after-school activity than to have a job, but both allow you to practice your skills.
             Participitation in an after-school activity gives you freedom to relieve stress mentally or physically, sometimes both. When playing football, you not only learn the art, but you have fun doing it. Likewise, when writing a newspaper article you are enabled to be creative and use your imagination in which can be a very joyful process. However, with a job, you have to work, it is to be taken extremely seriously, and simple mistakes and cause' you to loose your job. It is not always a fun matter and does not always allow you to be creative, nor utilize your imagination.
             Participitation in an after-school activity also has better benefits for a high school student than a job has to offer. After-school activities offer many valuable chances to be recognized worldwide and receive scholarships to the very best colleges and universities of the world. A job on the other hand earns you a pocket (not always full) of money, perhaps some insurance plan or other coverage, but not the opportunity of a lifetime.
             The greatest aspect of participating in an after-school activity is that you get the chance to enrich your skills, just as you would at a job. Not only will you learn the art of something new or maybe just more about it, but also you get the chance to put those skills into action. Experience is priceless and the effort and time to achieve it is always worth it.

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