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A Brave Woman

             The power of the love can make a person strong enough to overcome the adversities in life. It does not matter what the physical or economical condition of a person is as long as that person has a strong desire to achieve it for love. Eudora Welty's "A Worn Path  depicts the love of Phoenix Jackson (a poor old black woman from southern part of Old Natchez Trace) towards her sick grandson in an admirable way. Despite the fact that she is an old and a poor woman, she uses her bravery to face many adversities along her journey for her loving grandson. Eudora Welty's story incredibly enlightens the reader with her choices of setting, plot and characterization.
             The setting of "A Worn Path  is in the wintertime " ¦ far out in the country,  which forces Phoenix to face the weather conditions along with other struggles. The story takes place during late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries in the Southern part of the Old Natchez Trace. Her description in the story gives the reader an idea of how difficult this journey is going to be; "She was very old and small and walked slowly in the dark pine shadows.  Also, the setting of the story describes to the reader how a weak and a poor old woman faces many adversities along her long journey to get a medicine for her sick grandson.
             Next, the plots structure is considerably organized. The chronological events in the story effectively hold the reader's attention until the end. Phoenix Jackson's bravery to face many obstacles plays a major role in the story, which enhances the plot. For instance, she overcomes a creek log, as well as a barbed-wire fence. Her second obstacle comes when she encounters what appears to be a ghost. As she bravely approaches the figure, she realizes it is just a scarecrow. Finally, she faces the gun-wielding hunter. As she stands there in the face of potential danger, she calmly replies, â

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