A Brave Woman

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The power of the love can make a person strong enough to overcome the adversities in life. It does not matter what the physical or economical condition of a person is as long as that person has a strong desire to achieve it for love. Eudora Welty's "A Worn Path  depicts the love of Phoenix Jackson (a poor old black woman from southern part of Old Natchez Trace) towards her sick grandson in an admirable way. Despite the fact that she is an old and a poor woman, she uses her bravery to face many adversities along her journey for her loving grandson. Eudora Welty's story incredibly enlightens the reader with her choices of setting, plot and characterization.

The setting of "A Worn Path  is in the wintertime " ¦ far out in the country,  which forces Phoenix to face the weather conditions along with other struggles.

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