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Haitian and American Revolutions Comparison

The Haitian Revolution and The American Revolution

The Haitian Revolution and the American Revolution were similar and different in many ways. They both had a prominent leader, Toussaint L'Overture and George Washington, that later became the first leader of the country; everyone but the mother country wanted them to be independent; and America was "saved  by Haiti.

Toussaint and Washington were similar in a few ways. They both felt that the government and ruler they were under wasn't right and should be amended or removed. Both were well known for their skills as leaders, their ability to organize and train men. They were also well known for their ability to rally their troops. They both showed courage throughout the fight for freedom and were content and happy to settle down as they did after their revolution. The main difference between these two is that Washington gained his country freedom from Britain completely, and Toussaint only freed the slaves and reinstated their allegiance to France.

In both the American And Haitian Revolutions, everyone except for the mother country, wanted them to be independent. The Spanish and French wanted America to break from Britain because it was a rich land and Britain allowed trade only with Britain, same with Haiti except France instead of Britain. In Haiti, they were only allowed to trade with France and was a rich land and many other countries wanted their resources. They wanted a share of its riches. And also, both were supporting their mother countries heavily and the other countries did not want that. What was different was that one reason why everyone wanted Haiti independent, was because of the slave trade. Under France, Haiti had some naval powers, but without France, they had no navy. The rest of the world did not want them to have a navy because if they did they might spread the influence of rebellion on to the other colonies and America.

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