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The Roman Catholic Church believes that a marriage should be lifelong, life-giving, exclusive and a Sacrament.

A marriage is a lifelong commitment between both husband and wife. The marriage is symbolized as lifelong by the giving of the rings. The rings are circles, which have no breaks and are never ending, which should be like their love for each other. A marriage should be "till death do us part  which is not leaving the other partner in times of need. There should be no divorce in a marriage because you are breaking the promise you make to your partner and to God. In a marriage if there are bad points both partners have to work through it together as a team. There is only one religious way to break up a marriage and that is to get an annulment. An annulment is when one partner did not tell the other, something that could change the whole marriage i.e. one partner did not tell the other that they have a child or they have a drug or drink problem. Other reasons are that one has a terminal illness. Other reasons for a lifelong marriage are to help the raising of children. Divorce is the legal breakup of a marriage by the people. The Catholic Church does not recognize divorce and the only way a marriage can be broken up

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