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"The best relationship is one in which your love for each other

exceeds your needs for each other.  There have been many people that

have had an influence on my life. My family, friends, teachers,

girlfriends, all have affected my life in some ways or another. I'm very

close to many people, all of whom have changed me in some ways, but

none have changed me as much as my mother has. My mother is my

My mother has been in my life since I was born and she will always

be in my life no matter what happens. She is my best friend and she

inspires me in every way. My mother is the most important person in my

life for many different reasons. Some reasons are; she backs me up in

everything I do, she loves me for who I am and I am never judged by her.

My mother always tells me the truth when I need to hear it. She also

yells at me when I don't listen and zaps me back to reality. Every time

that I need someone to understand or forgive my mistakes, my

Throughout my life there have been many people who have had an

impact on my life, but my mother has had the biggest impact on my life.

My mother never gives up on me. She picks me up when I am down. She

believes in me and supports me in everyway she can. My mother more

than anybody makes a difference in my life. She is an inspired woman,

who gives me good advice and helps me when I'm frustrated with

My mother is the truest friend I have, She fulfills my heart and

what's missing inside of me. Nobody but my mother can make me a

happier person. She is the person who is always there for me and tries

not to let anyone hurt me. That is why I love her so much and I hope to

Therefore, everyone has a person in their life that is the most

important person to them. To me that pers

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