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Do you really believe that mandatory school uniforms are really necessary during school? I ¡ ¯m one of the students who disagree to that argument and I ¡ ¯d like to take this time to present my opinion against school uniforms. I believe that students should not have to wear school uniforms because of the 4 main points I have which states why school uniforms shouldn ¡ ¯t be mandatory in schools. Students should not have to wear school uniforms because they are a waste of money and other things, uncomfortable, judging/gang problems will still go on, and finally because they ¡ ¯ll have negative effects on students ¡ ¯ actions, individualism, and discipline. School uniforms are a bad idea.

To begin with, it is a fact that uniforms lead parents and students on wasting a lot of money. You ¡ ¯ll have to buy more clothes for the weekends and days with no school, which means you have to purchase double amount. To add, uniforms ultimately cost more than the sum of regular clothes. For example, an average top (shirt) is about $25 or less and the pants are about $30. They come to a result of $55, but school uniforms go way above 100 dollars. Then, there ¡ ¯s the time issue. Uniforms don ¡ ¯t decrease

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