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British Columbia, BC

            Where in the world can you swim in natural hot springs, go whale watching, take a weekend snowboarding trip, check out internationally renowned artists and musicians, be an extra in a feature film, and walk in a Pride parade? The answer- British Columbia!.
             British Columbia consists of a rich tapestry of culture and opportunity. The educational institutes in this growing province are no different; BC is home to some of the best post-secondary schools in the country. Among the variety of collegiate institutes in BC, you find those geared to the arts, sciences and medicine, and the ever-growing field of digital technology. Even with the growing influence of globalization and advanced technology making the world feel smaller and foreign opportunities feel closer, I am convinced that there is no better place to study than here in BC. .
             Nowhere else can you find the intense mix of culture and industry than in BC’s largest city, Vancouver. It is a sophisticated, cosmopolitan city with far reaching influence coupled with the breathtaking scenery of the Pacific Ocean and surrounding mountains. The city boasts abundant outdoor adventure, a lavish nightlife, and continual growths in almost every commercial industry. Vancouver has been labeled the “New York of the West Coast”, and one of the most promising areas for young entrepreneurs and up-and-comers looking to break into their prospective job markets. .
             British Columbia has an established and ever-growing apparel industry that offers a diverse range of career opportunities. Home to hundreds of design houses, fashion marketing firms, and textile design and production companies, Vancouver is an ideal place for up and coming designers to study and work. .
             In September of 1999, Kwantlen University College introduced a four-year Bachelor of Applied Design in Fashion and Technology. The degree program provides a unique integrated study of design, production and marketing which is essential for success in the fashion industry.