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Cutting Down Trees or Cutting Down the Concrete Jungle?

             High-tech buildings shooting high up into the sky one next to the other, creating the concrete jungle of Hong Kong. The impatient cab drivers of Shanghai honking through the congested traffic. The stampede made by the massive crowd rushing in and out of the subways of Japan. The occasional black out in California. The hustle and bustle city life of New York. Those are the superficial side of the planet earth. Those are the daily routine and daily encounter that human beings go through without taking a second thought about it. All we see is our own selfish needs most of the time. "Oh! There's a piece of bare land. Let's cut down the trees and build a factory on it to boost up our economy!  What about the inner side of the planet earth? Can we see that the planet earth is slowly deteriorating? Do we know that the earth's temperature is rising? Do we know that the sea level is rising? Do we know that we are losing planetary biodiversity?
             To answer the questions stated above, one might say: "Yea ¦ I sort of know what you are talking about, I mean ¦ I've heard about it... but I don't know.  Truthfully speaking, the uncertainty is only pointing towards one area- human ignorance. It is human ignorance, and the selfish side of human nature that explains the existence of this worldwide crisis today.
             Tracing back into time, one cannot blame the Natufans to settle down. It is inevitable that the act of settling down might sooner or later whip out the resources around them. Humans have to settle down some time in history. However, the ultimate problem and yet still a challenge today is for humans to think twice and use natural resources wisely but not wastefully.
             The act of wastefulness all began during the industrial revolution. Human beings are ambitious. They are never satisfied with what they have. We are constantly striving for the best. In this case, we are always finding ways to boost up our living standards to levels t

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