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For this paper, I decided to write a letter to the President of the Student Government Association. I wrote the letter because I feel like RaiderGate should stay open during the home football games at Texas Tech. I chose to write about this issue because I feel like it affects me personally. Before every home game, it's a big hassle for my friends and I to go out to the parking lot where RaiderGate is held, stay there for about two hours, then pack everything up and leave to go to the game. Then you have to find a different place to park your car, and find a place to sit in the stadium for the game. If RaiderGate would just stay open, I believe each students could decide if they wanted to stay there, or walk over to the game. I chose the recipient of the letter to be Jermey Brown. He is the president of the Student Government Association this year. The Student Government Association hosts RaiderGate, so I felt like they would be the ones who could do something about making everyone leave an hour before each game. Like I stated earlier, my claim is to keep RaiderGate open during the football games. There are many reasons why I bel

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