Hitler Essay

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Adolf was born in Braunau-am-Inn, Austria in 1889 to Alois and Klara Hitler. Of course being born in Austria made him a native Austrian not a native German. As a young child, Adolf didn't get along real well with his peers. He did rather poorly in school, and even dropped out early to pursue a dream of becoming an artist. This too would prove not to be the thing for Adolf. He applied to the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts and was turned down. Adolf's mother, Klara, was his only living relative willing to support, and when she died in 1909, Adolf was forced to move to Vienna in search of a better way of life. Adolf was forced to bum around for awhile because he refused to take regular employment.

In 1913 Adolf, still very poor, moved to Munich, Germany. As World War I started, Adolf volunteered for service in the German military. Hitler was accepted as an infantry man and fought bravely on the side of the Germans. He was awarded several medals including both the Iron Cross Second Class and First Class. Ironically enough, the captain who recommended Hitler for these medals was Jewish. In the war he was injured and even suffered temporary blindness from a British gas attack. Recei

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