How the caste system affects modern day life in india

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The caste system is a hereditary social class system in Hinduism that restrict the occupation of their members and their association with the members of other castes. This is a major part of the Hindu religion. The caste system has a lot of restrictions and that affects peoples daily lives. For example, untouchables have to walk around with clappers to warn people of higher cast's about them so they wouldn't touch them. Also the people of the higher caste had to be careful not to touch the untouchables because they believed touching untouchables will contaminate them.

The caste system is a very important part of the Hindu religion. It is part of what Hindu's base their life style's around. The ranks of Hindu society came from a legend in which the main groupings were Brahmans who came from the mouth, Kshatriyas who came from the arms, Vaisyas who came from the thighs, and Surdas who came from the feet. The lowest level of the caste system was the untouchables. You cannot change what caste system you are in unless you were of a higher caste and decide to befriend or touch a member of a lower class. People of higher caste believed that people of lower caste were like a deadly disease that's why they

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