Trafficking in women

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What is trafficking in persons? ÒTrafficking is the recruitment and or the transportation of persons by others using violence or the threat of violence, abuse of authority or dominant positionÉfor the purpose of exploiting them sexually or economically for the profit or advantage of others, such as recruiters, traffickers, brothel owners and customers.Ó (unknown author, ÒWhat is Trafficking?Ó) Trafficking in women and girls has become one of the fastest growing criminal enterprises in the world. An estimate of one to two million women and girls are trafficked around the world, annually, 10,000 to 100,000 of which are trafficked for the purpose of sexual exploitation. (International WomenÕs Issues, ÒTrafficking in Women and Girls-An International Human Rights ViolationÓ) Women migrate to cities or across international borders to support families, and they usually migrate alone. Traffickers in women lure victims with advertisements and false promises of jobs as waitresses, sales clerks, nannies and models. In Thailand and South Africa, women and girls, especially those who are poor, are vulnerable to exploitation and trafficking, and often times it is the only option open for them.

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