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Greed: Good or Bad?

             Greed in our society is usually perceived as a bad thing, but is it really that bad? I started to think of the effects greed has had on our society. Greed in our society has had negative effects and positive effects. .
             Greed has helped many already very rich CEO’s get richer. CEO’s cut jobs so they can “save” the company money but do so knowing that they will be paid more money because they helped “cut costs”. Another way greed is shown is when a company is losing money the CEO continues to receive his high dollar paycheck and decides to get rid of company stock while the stock is fairly high, earning the CEO more money. When the company finally goes out of business the average employee loses any money he or she might have invested in stock for their company. Another bad result of greed is people using government money to help themselves get rich and build their wealth while taking tax money that could go to help the poor and needy. Most of this money is said to help benefit the poor and needy, but this has yet to be seen. It seems that the money instead goes into the pocket of those who don’t need any more money; while the rich get richer the poor continue to get poorer. .
             Greed in that context shows the way it can be misused, but greed also has been very beneficial in helping our economy. Greed creates more competition between companies because competitive businesses want to make more money than the other, so they must create a better, cheaper product that the consumer wants or needs. This helps the consumer because they will be getting better products for much cheaper and they have an option to decide between which company’s products they will buy. Greed also helps because making money drives people and makes them more willing to offer better services for cheaper prices to earn the consumers’ money. Greed makes people work harder, smarter, and longer because they have an incentive and know that by doing their work more efficiently it’s something that will benefit them; you can get more for yourself by serving other people.

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