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Gatsby Eulogy

             We are gathered here today to celebrate and give thanks for the life of a truly remarkable man. Gatsby was born James Gatz in North Dakota. At 17, he had his family name changed from James Gatz to Jay Gatsby. I think he changed his name because of the war, he felt that when he got back from the war that he wanted to be known as a different man, start a new life. Jay was a good goal setter and always dreamt of doing something new.
             A leader of course, who rose to fame and fortune as a result of hard work, Gatsby was a determined man, but also very friendly. We know we won't forget those wonderful parties he gave with the fancy orchestra, wonderfully delicious buffets, and finger foods where we would get acquainted with one another.
             Not many knew his true foundations or even bothered to ask, but as probably one of Gatsby's closest friends, I knew. He didn't come from such a wealthy family as many of you think. His parents were unsuccessful farm people and he was a young dreamer that fancied with what he one-day could have with money. Many took advantage of his fame, fortune and hospitality to spread rumors about him, which would normally destroy a man, but only made Gatsby stronger. Truthfully, the only crime committed by him was to have loved someone who was already being held. An accomplished man with such fame and fortune only wanted to be loved back by a woman he'd loved for so many years, only hoping that when he returned she'd leave her husband to be with him. Gatsby was only a fool for love. He fell in love with Daisy before he went to war. She married a enormously wealthy man named Tom Buchanan a former college football star. When Gatsby returned he changed his past and became a self made millionaire in order to win back his only true love.
             Gatsby's goal gives him a purpose in life and sets him apart from the rest of his peers. He is constantly striving to reach Daisy, from the moment he is seen reaching towards her house in East Egg to the final days of his life, patiently waiting outside Daisy's house for hours when she has already decided to abandon her affair with him.