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Many parents feel strongly about breast feeding their children. Most new parents only think of the child's nutrition however when it comes to the subject of whether to feed the child by the bottle or by the breast.

For the first few months of an infant's life all they do is eat and sleep so that makes feeding time a very important time for the child and the parents. If a mother decides to breast feed her baby then this gives the mother and the child some special time to spend with each other. The baby begins to form a bond with the person who satisfies his hunger.

According to Parents magazine another good thing about breast feeding is that a women's breast milk provides the perfect balance of the nutritional things that newborn babies need. It also contains antibodies from the mother that help the new infant develop defenses against allergies, asthma, SIDS, ear infections, and much more. The Loving Your Newborn magazine also says that breast feeding can lower the chances of your baby having an upset stomach, diaper rashes, and upper respiratory infections. It also states that scientists believe the fatty acids contained in human breast milk contribute to "optimal brain growth .

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