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"The Great Aleandrov and Petrooski Tea Company 

"In walks these three girls in nothing but bathing suits,  Says Sammy, the narrator in "A&P , by John Updike, an American short story classic. It is a coming of age story about a boy working in a grocery store. One day three lovely girls walk in, and since Sammy is of the age, one thing leads to another and he finds himself jobless and alone in the parking lot with nothing but the sense that life is going to be very hard on him. This story has an abundance of all the literary elements discussed in the chapter. The chapter development is the thing that was most clear in Updike's writing. Without coming right out and saying it, Updike manages to show you every inner working of Sammy's adolescent mind. If you look past his sexist comments and his horny view of these girls, particularly "Queenie , the leader of the group. You can see his outlook on life and view of himself. That's the point in the whole story. Seeing Sammy standing alone, looking back into the window of his former place of employment, you see him finding out what we've known all along.

Sammy is the main character. He works at the local A&P i

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