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             Sweatshop, the word itself conjures up ideas of children toiling away for endless .
             hours for endless pay, but that is in foreign countries far away from us. It is easy to not .
             think about the fates of others. I started reading about sweatshops for this essay and was .
             appalled by what I read. Girls as young as fourteen working seventy hours a week for .
             less than a dollar an hour. Limited to only two bathroom brakes a day and docked a .
             days pay for every visit thereafter. Management forcing employees to take pregnancy .
             tests and firing the positive test takers. Sexual harassment, racism, and poor working .
             conditions all things that could be easily controlled. .
             I think that companies who subcontract goods from sweatshops should be boycotted .
             because of the racism, the sexual harassment, the poor working conditions, the .
             substandard pay, the exploitation of children, and to tell evil corporations that we .
             simply do not agree with what they are doing. .
             This boycotting of companies may already be working, according to Rachel Shabi, .
             writer for New Statesmen magazine “Gap feeling the heat from anti-sweatshop .
             campaigns? The clothes chain's announcement a few weeks ago of a 68 per cent drop in .
             executive officer, Millard Drexler, described 2001 as being Gap's "most difficult year .
             ever"(23). Shabi goes on to state that “The Gap brand has been so persistently targeted .
             by campaigners that it has become practically synonymous with "sweatshop labor" –.
             the practice of subcontracting the manufacture of goods to developing-world factories.
             where low pay and workplace abuses, such as child labor, poor safety,.
             sexual and physical harassment and hostility to unions, are commonplace”(23).
             Have you purchased a pair a Nike shoes lately? The price of shoes have increased .
             since I was in high school, a hundred and fifty dollars for the new Jordans. .
             has long been accused of buying goods from sweatshops.