A memory

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I have a lot of friends, but there is only one friend whose relationship is very special and true to me. Her name is Trang, and I will always remember her as the best friend of my entire life. Three years ago, Trang and I met in English class when we were both seniors in high school. My first impression of Trang was that she always had a happy smiling face, and her long, black, straight hair covered her shoulder. Everyday, as I approached my seat, I passed by her. "Hi,  Trang's friendly voice said.

"Hi.  I smiled at her.

Trang sat in the first row, and I sat in the second row back. In the first two weeks, our English teacher moved everybody's seat around the room until Trang and I placed our seats next to each other. Happily, the teacher no longer moved us. "Finally, we sit next to each other,  I whispered to her. Later, Trang and I became best friends in the short time before we graduated from high school in the summer of 2000. We had a lot of wonderful times and memories together.

After we knew each other, I found out that Trang and I had some characteristics in common. When we planned to do something, I was thinking just exactly what she was thinking. In class, w

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