Rise of hitler

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In January 1933 Hitler was appointed Chancellor by President Hindburg.

The start to his career began in 1918, he was in the hospital recovering from his was wounds, by early 1919 he was let out and had got a job with the army. The army had asked him to spy on new political groups in Germany.

In September Hitler had gone to a meeting of a small new group called the German Workers Party which included about 25 members. They had invited him to join their group because they had the same opinions and he was a great speaker, Hitler joined because he decided that he could make this small group into a big political party and change the way Germany is.

Every month they held a public meeting, they had invited people but hardly anyone showed up. After many attempts to get more members they finally succeeded when they placed an advert in an anti-Semitic newspaper in Munich. The meeting on the 16th October 1919 had been moved to a cellar that could barely hold one hundred people, they had gone over that limit but the meeting still went ahead. Hitler was a great speaker when he spoke in front of the Party members; this would be great in the future when the comm

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