My strength, Weaknesses and goals as a student

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As a fourth year student in university, I have learned a lot about myself and what I want in life. Some of these insights have come in the form of self-realization; that is, as a mortal, imperfect human being as others, I have found several strengths and weaknesses concerning my life that were not revealed until European School of Economics opened it's doors almost four years ago. In this section, I will try to examine and discuss these strengths and weaknesses, and conclude with my goals for the rest of this year. The goals which I have will help me to eliminate my weak points and will help to improve my strengths.

Weakness in a person can be defined as a lack of strength, a self-indulgent want, fragility, or as an inadequate or defective quality in something, such as a person's character. Every person has weaknesses in their personality that can either be a point that they every single moment attempt to improve, or something that bruises the ego when brought up in a conversation. As we are the young students of university, we find out our weaknesses really quickly into the work experience. Honestly speaking just for myself, I found out mine within the first week.

One weakness that I found out quickly was that

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