Is Television Good or Bad

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One in five Americans between the ages of thirteen to eighteen watch almost 35 hours of TV each week (Television and Children). That is almost enough hours to put in at a full time job. When you think about it that means some students spend more time watching TV than any other activity besides sleeping. Wouldn't you want your child to be doing something better than sitting at the TV all day? Television's impact on reading and other academic skills depends not only on the amount of television being watched but also on what is being watched.

Time spent watching television severely limits time for other activities. There are plenty of things going on after school both in the elementary level as well as high school and college. Sports, clubs, and volunteer work are some things students can be doing rather than spending their free time in front of the tube. Childhood is a period of growth and children need to converse with other children their age as well as adu

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