Multiple intelligence

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Dr. Howard Gardner of Harvard University believes that intelligence can not be measured by one single instrument that has been used in the past and symbolized by the "IQ score" that is in wide spread use today. His research shows that people exhibit eight different types of intelligences. In his book "Frames of Mind, The Theory of Multiple Intelligences", Dr. Gardner explains how individuals possess all eight intelligences to varying degrees, with some intelligences showing dominance. Students engage in the learning process more readily when activities are planned to stimulate their dominant intelligence. One of the eight different types of intelligences is Musical Rhythmic.

"Musical Rhythmic  learners have the ability to produce and appreciate music. These musically inclined learners think in rhythms, sounds, and patterns. These students love music and rhythmic patterns. They may study better with music in the background. They can often reproduce a melody or rhythmic pattern after hearing it only once. Various sounds, tones, and rhythms may have a visible effect on them. They like to create music. They enjoy singing and listening to a wide variety of music. They are often quit

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