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Images From Wuthering heights, Analysis.

            The First image I intend to analyse is that which we are given upon first encountering Heathcliff, through Lockwood’s eyes. We Encounter a blasted location, a hard-built home, and standing out in the wind there is a man. Or initially to the minds eye a silhouette of a man, as we do not yet have any real details to fill in.
             Cutting through Lockwood’s unabaiting chatter regarding himself and Heathcliff, the misanthropists on the moors. We find the initial harsh image of Heathcliff, ‘Black eyes’ a sign in many circles of a darkened soul, madness or even possession by the ‘divel hisself’. .
             The second part of Heathcliff we are ‘shown’ is his stance, hands tucked away, unwelcoming. It is quite common for gentlemen to introduce themselves with civility, shaking hands as a sign of mutual agreement, hands extended before this occurs is a declaration of friendship. No such thing may be expected from Heathcliffe, he is hard and stoic. Remaining far from amicable enough for actual physical contact.
             Overall, we can behold a man standing before his solitary home, all body language suggesting against friendship, with black eyes half hidden beneath bushy eyebrows characteristic of the middle-aged. Wearing a waistcoat with pockets occupied by the wearers hands and one might assume a jacket and shirt to match. A formidable character, and by definition, a misanthropist, a man who openly shuns other peoples company.
             The second image is that briefly conjured up by Lockwood’s sad story of his ‘lost love’, a holiday in this era would be a grand affair, and many pre-raphaelite images appear in my mind, grandiose architecture of some hotel exetera… but the main image if that of lock woods fancy, a young lady and her mama, perhaps a stereotyped matriarch in Victorian type dress, who whisks away Lockwood’s dream in a flash.