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In his book, John Katzenbach exemplifies to upper level the successes and failures of two models of management: The single leader role and the team leadership role. He does not tout one way over the other. Rather, he gives real-life examples that demonstrate when each situation works best, and encourages the reader to develop the discipline to determine for him or herself when to work individually or in a team mindset.

1. The best senior leadership groups rarely perform as a true team due to the natural construct of a hierarchy.

2. Most senior leaderships can optimize their performance as a team by trying to obtain a balance between team and non-team efforts. This is true even though overall executives prefer to function as individual leaders with full accountability.

3. To obtain a better balance it is necessary to integrate the skills required for team performance with the discipline of single-leader behavior.

Overall, he exemplifies when working with a team effort is preferable and when executive leadership is the better choice. He also depicts how working as a team does not necessarily sacrifice each member's individual capabilities. Teams at the Top addresses the importan

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