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Technology: Is it a good thing or a bad thing?

Like every thing in life there is usually a positive side and a negative side. Technology is not an exception. Some see technology as being the way of the future, while others see technology interfering with student's creativity. Technology just isn't computers, but it also is television, Internet, and calculators as well.

Television is something that parents and teachers should be concerned about. It's said that children spend an estimated equivalent of two months of the year watching television. (Becoming A Teacher, by Parkay et. Etc.) This is something that parents should be concerned about. When I was a child, the only television that I was allowed to watch was one morning cartoon show before school, and that was before I was dropped off before daycare and sometimes Inspector Gadget when I got home from school. I also watched educational shows like Magic School Bus and Reading Rainbow that taught me numbers, alphabets, and how the different organs in the body or teaching about the different planets in outer space. Since I couldn't watch that much television I had nothing else to do but read, so my reading skills are a lot better than my younger brother who now will sit in front of the television watching Chinese shows from satellite, so his reading skills aren't as strong. Children should be limited to the amount of television they watch, and the television shows that they do watch should be appropriate for their age group and should be closely monitored by their parents.

Many young children are watching television shows that their older siblings are watching like, music videos, wrestling or sometimes even educational shows. As the saying goes,  monkey see, monkey do  this is particularly true for young children watching music videos starring Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera. Or watching wrestling shows like World Wrestling Entertainment, or previously known as WWF. There are young children in grade two are watching

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