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Literature Review for Marketing Research

             This literature review will analyze past and current research that has been done which relates to the motivations of attendees of arts and cultural performances. This critical analysis of literature contains facts, statistics, and predictions of different motivations to relate to the findings in the surveys collected from the Young Auditorium.
             Why do People Attend Events?.
             It is important to understand why people attend events and performances in order to market to the appropriate target effectively. A special event is seen as an opportunity for leisure or an opportunity to be with friends and family. This is what appeals to potential visitors and they must feel that this is what they will receive. .
             One such study, of comparative motivations of visitors at four different events, examined the differences of motivations among the different events. When asked ,”Why did you come to this event?” a general interest in the theme of the event accounted for 38.7 percent of the responses for one event and about 20 percent in the other events. This leaves a large percent of unexplained reasoning of attending such events. .
             There are a few other factors in determining why people attended these events. Social reasons are the second leading answer given. Social interaction was more important to the events that focused on eating, drinking, and dancing. So this naturally would be a motivating factor. Respondents also placed emphasis in being with and meeting people that share their common interests. These reasons determine the need to seek stimulation, entertainment and excitement. Some respondents even stated, “because I enjoy festival crowds” and “to observe the other people attending the event,” (Getz, 2001).
             Curiosity of the event was also important to some guests. Common responses were I was curious, I’d always wanted to do it, and it was something new.