Animal Farm is a fairy story.

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A fairy story is a story that is made up and is not real. They are mainly meant for children but however they used to be for adult ears only. In the Oxford Pocket dictionary it says that a fairy story is a tale about fairies or an incredible story.

Animal farm is like a fairy story in the way that the animals can talk, and that they do things like build a windmill and create their own democracy which later turns into a dictatorship. The animals are also clever, especially the pigs, they use propaganda to change the views of the other animals to make them believe in things that they didn't before.

Animal farm is also like a fairy story because it is easy to read and it uses animals which children find more interesting.

However Animal farm is unlike a fairy story in the way that it has a hidden meaning which is harder to understand. It tells us about important things about how people act and about tyrants. It has a political meaning also about the Russian revolution on how the government was overthrown and what life went on like after the rebellion.

Animal farm works as an allegory of the Russian revolution in the way that the people who want change overthrow a 'ruler'. Mr Jones represents the Russian Emperor at the time, the Czar.

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