My Cat, Mimi

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My cat, Mimi is very interesting and she is fun to watch. I love my Mimi so much I would do anything for her.

Mimi is multi-colored, dark and light brown, black, gray, and white. The colors are in no particular pattern, though. They are just scattered everywhere and I think that it is very pretty. She has dark green eyes, but sometimes they change colors and are blue. On Mimi's stomach and chin she is completely white. That is my favorite part of her because it is so soft, warm, and beautiful. Her legs are also white and her paws are black and white. I think that this mixture of colors is very beautiful.

Even though Mimi is really sweet to us, she can be mean sometimes. If you pick her up the wrong way, pet her fur in the wrong direction, hit her, kick her, or squeeze her, she will scratch you. When Mimi scratches you, it hurts very badly and it will leave a scar, but it will go away soon. Once she scratches you, she will run off and sometimes y

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