Harry Potter and the Sorcerors Stone Book review

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Only few are able to complete the daunting task of making a whole new world come alive in mere pages. J.K. Rowling has done just that in her novel Harry Potter and the Sorcerer ˜s Stone. She brings you into a world of enchantment and magic full of wonderful new adventures. Full of rich and developed characters and stunning imagery, the impact and arrangement of Rowling's words is astonishing as she makes the reader come closer and closer into the story. Its simple yet thought provoking style makes this not only fun for the younger media, but for any who still like to believe in flying brooms, magical dragon and place where with a quip of a wand you can get anything you can possibly imagine. She tells a story of someone who everyone can relate to, a figure in society that doesn't always seem accepted, to show us all that someday we too may find a place where we can truly feel like we belong.

Harry's journey does not seem to start of the tales of a hero, but like all things in life, its just unpredictable. The story begins in a neighborhood with nothing out of place with a family anything but out of the ordinary. At the very fi

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