Should Community Service be needed to Graduate?

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"I'm sorry Philipee we just can't afford it , said Karen (Philipee's mother). "Maybe if you would have saved a little more money you could have helped us out a little bit ¦ maybe next year hunny . Philipee had been waiting all four years for his car because his parents and him just couldn ˜t afford it. If only he could have worked more at the restaurant and made more money. Instead, he was at the soup kitchen feeding the homeless so he could graduate.

The requirement to fulfill several hours of community service, in order to graduate, doesn't allow a student to focus solely on their academic graduation requirements. Therefore, this policy should not be instituted in Mt. Hope High School.

First off, isn't the satisfaction you get from doing community service because you did it voluntarily? Community service is defined as: a voluntary act of kindness that benefit's the community physically, economically, socially, etc. Now, if a graduation requirement is something you must do in order to graduate how can that type of community service be defined as voluntary? Most students in this situation are doing the community service to benefit themselves. For example, a student who only has three hours of community service left to do is not going to feed the homeless because they are hungry, but because he needs to graduate. "Community service  completed as a graduation requirement can not be defined as voluntary, therefore, it is not community service.

Secondly, some "well- rounded  students do not have the time to complete this extra community service. Between keeping up grades, playing sports, participating in drama, student council, executive board, yearbook committee, and various other organizations, who has time for an extra fifty to sixty hours of community service every year? Never mind the few students that participate and hold posit

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