The Great Wall of China

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The Great Wall of China The Great Wall of China was a great tool for parts of China. The Wall provided the some of the warring states of that time a protection from the other states. Over the years the wall had been constructed and broken down. The wall was repaired many times and was made from many materials. Many lives were lost in the construction but it turned out to be a spectacular accomplishment. The Great Wall of China began construction in 221 BCE, under the order of the ruler at the time, Meng T'ien of the Ch'in Dynasty. Meng T'ien ordered the construction of the wall because there were many attacks from surrounding city-states. At this time they did not have the whole wall constructed. Later more was added on and many walls were connected to form the completed wall. Since the wall was worked on at so many different times and by different people it varied in its size throughout the whole wall. The Great Wall was described in Meng T'ein's biography: "He ┬Žbuilt a Great Wall, constructing its defiles and passes in accordance with the configurations of the terrain. It started at Lin-t'ao and extended to Liao-tung, reaching a distance of more than ten thousand li. After crossing the Yellow River, it wound northward, touching

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