Great Expectations character analysis on estella

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With a beautiful angelic face and a cold heart Estella serves an important role as Pip's love interest in the story. Although she is everything that Pip should never want in a friend that doesn't stop him from loving her. In the novel "Great Expectations  by Charles Dickens Estella is an important character in both the literal and figurative development of the story.

In the story Estella is a very unforgettable character because of her enchanting beauty, cold hearted personality, and superior behavior. As a child Estella is a very attractive rich young girl. She is growing up a lady, which makes her feel like everybody else is common or inferior to her. She is really beautiful with her long auburn hair, soft innocent face, and elegant dresses that nobody can see past that into the truly conceited, uncaring girl she really is.

She has been living with her very wealthy adoptive mother Miss Havisham since she was three years old, who is very eccentric because of a past heartbreak. Miss Havisham has been brainwashing Estella to "break men's hearts  by raising her to be compassionless, manipulative, and deceitful because she wants to protect her from the same painful heartbreak she

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