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             Volunteering is probably the most beneficial way for you to help your community. President Bush thought it important enough to address it in his state of the union address. Bush stated “We will make a determined attack on need by promoting the compassionate act of others. We will rally the armies of compassion in our communities to fight a very different war against poverty and hopelessness, a daily battle waged house to house and heart to heart.” Whether you live in a small town or a large city there are many opportunities for volunteers. In my speech I hope to inform you of the benefits, rewards and effects you have on your community if you were to become a volunteer. Also I want to give you ideas on how you might find the right opportunity for you.
             Volunteering has endless possibilities. At your child’s school you can volunteer to help with art projects, reading to their class, or helping out at class parties or events. You can volunteer with the school PTA. Volunteer at the community youth center. In your church volunteer to help out with the summer events or the youth group. Give someone a ride to the doctors office who otherwise has no way to get there. Baby-sit for a friend or neighbor who you think may just need a couple of hours to themselves. No matter how small you town you have at east one homeless shelter that helps the homeless with meals, somewhere to sleep, and other services. Homeless shelters welcome volunteers and has a variety of ways you could help. It could be to prepare and serve hot meals, to help run a food drive to provide food for the homeless or to assist the homeless in finding permanent shelter and means of support. Food Shelters work with homeless shelters but they also help the poor people of their community especially around the holidays. They collect food through donations of local business, and citizens, food drives and community organizations and distribute it to those in need.