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Home-Schooling: Do Parent Know Best?

The radical idea of home schooling is growing at a popular rate. However, is it still a wise choice to have your child separated from society? This question has pondered many critics of school systems for years, and the answers and results vary. For some home schooling is simply a way to educate a child the way the parents see best; in other situations religious reasons dominate. Never the less, the long-term effects of home schooling are great. However through recent years of research, the critics have begun to understand the reasoning and now have evidence to support their own ideas on the morality of the issue. The new raised ideas from critics may now finally put away the old negative ideas of home schooling. Could home schooling actually be a wise choice?

In terms of ways to educate students, home schooling is a relatively new concept. Nearly a decade ago home schooling was not even legal throughout the United States. Only within the past few years has it not only become legal but a rapidly growing field of education (Reich, 2002). In today's society home schooling is more popular than several of the leading conservative ways to give a child a better education. Typicall

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