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Favorite Past Time

What do I like to do in my free time you ask? Well Lying in a hammock is my favorites past time. Lying in a hammock gives me the security I need to get over my problems and relaxes me and makes me forget about things. A hammock is all i need to be completely be stress free. I love hammocks!

First and foremost the reason I enjoy lying in a hammock is bacuse I enjoy the feeling of weightlessness. When I am in a hammock I get the sense that I'm floating above all me problems. For example my troubles are being washed away beneath me. There's nothing else like lying in a hammock. Without my hammock I think my life would be filled with stress.

Which brings me to my next point. Lying in a hammock allows me to think through things and sort out problems in my head. Which inturn allows me to relax and gives me the need control in my life. Lying in a hammock is an essectial daily activity a perform in order to relieviate strees. Without it I don't know where I'd be.

Last but not least, I enjoy lying in a hammock because I love it when the air rubs against me skin. I like to pretend it's my mother's hand protecting me. Sometimes my hammock reminds me of my mothers whomb. If that is at all possible. I love my hammock makes me feel secure.

In conclusion my most favoritest of past times is to lye in a hammock. It washes away my worries. Clears my head. Reminds me of "home", and just because I love it!

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