Stephen King: The King of Horror

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Stephen King is one of the richest writers of our time, in 1996 he earned over $86 million according to Forbes Magazine. Born in 1947, King started his writing career at an early age. His creativity was sparked by a stack of his father's old science fiction magazines he found in his attic. By the age of seven he was writing science fictional short stories of his own. By the age of ten he was writing columns in his brother's local newspaper called Dave's Rag. Graduating with a B. S. in English from the University of Maine in 1970, he had a slow start to fame. One of his most famous works, Carrie, wouldn't have survived if it weren't for Stephen's wife, Tabitha, who rescued it from the bottom of the trash can next to Stephen's desk. Throughout his life Stephen King has been a janitor, a library aide, and a tenth and eleventh grade high school English teacher. He is now known as the author of horror and science fiction novels that have captured our minds and scared us to death.

Stephen Edwin King was born in rural Portland, Maine o

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