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My ethics, my codes of life.

            My ethics are my morals, my rules for living and to me they are the one thing that I think will get us through the other side of life with integrity, honour and having done the things in life that we’ve have aimed and we’re meant to do. My rules for living are to love others as I love myself, to live with honesty, and so form trusting relationships and above all else to love God.
             To love others as we love ourselves is a big thing especially in today’s cut-throat society. These days we are all taught to succeed, but to do this many times we have to stand on people. We rarely give a second thought when say we or do something that could have offended someone, but we would always like consideration to be taken to our feelings. If we simply think of this before we say or do something we will do less things that we regret.
             No amount of fame or success could take away the fact that we all need people that love and respect us. These relationships do not fall out of the sky, but they are things that we build up through life. I believe that living with honesty and treating other people with respect is a key part in building up trust in these relationships. Not only does honesty bring trust but it gives integrity to what ever we say which in life is very important.
             The most important of my three ethics is to love God above all else. The reason I think that this is the most important of the three of my ethics is that this one leads to the others. If we follow the perfect example that Jesus left for us then all other good actions will follow. If we love God we will always try to obey him. This will mean that the other ethics that I have talked about, will all be fulfilled, and you will get to the end of your life having been who God had planned for you to be and having done what He had planned for you to do.
             Ethics are important, they are our guidelines for living and my three main rules are the guidelines that I believe are needed for a great life.