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To kill a mockingbird essay topics

- evidence proves innocence “> found guilty

- when he tried to escape, shot 17 times (p. 241)

"Mr. Underwood simply figured it was a sin to kill a cripple, he linked Tom's death to the sensless slaughter of songbirds by hunters... 

Scout knows Mr. Underwood also indicating that the Whole town killed Tom by never giving him a chance...

- wanted to live his life with a black woman he loves

- town's prejudice ways, pretended to be drunk (p.200)

"Some folks don't like the way I live buy I don't say the hell with them, I try to give them.. 

- disconnects with the outside world (by father)

- suffers from his parents separation and unwillingness to live and accept him

- quit school (faters), to help around the house

- father spends all money on drinks and abuses her as well (p.191)

Scout says "Mayella must have been the loneliest person in the world. Even more lonelier than Boo Radely 

"Mocking Birds don't do one thing but make music... 

- judge Taylor chooses Atticus to defend Tom Robinson = justice

- quit school (father), to help around the house “> takes care of siblings = justice

- father locked up Arthur = injustice

- sentenced to jail with blacks = injustice to Mr. Radley

- punishes Scout and explains what everyone knew = injustice

- tells Scout she's not allowed to read at home = injustice

- uses reverse racism against Jem and Scout = injustice

- tries his best to defend Tom Robinson = justice

- treats everybody equally = justice

- teats blacks and Ewells with class = justice

- helps Mrs. Dubose regardless what she's says = Justice

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