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The Difference Between Two Brothers

In families there are differences, of course, in the siblings. Most have different talents just like Sonny and his brother in the short story, “Sonny’s Blues,” by James Baldwin. Sonny and his brother are also different in how they live their lives. Still, the two brothers share some things. First, let me show what they have in common.

The most important thing they have in common is how they care about each other and their family. Sonny writes his brother and tells him, “You don’t know how much I needed to heard from you” (Baldwin, 44). They missed each other; it been a long time since they had seen each other. When they get together, they try to show interest in each other’s work and what each does for fun in life. Even though they do have things in common, they also have differences.

Sonny was the youngest brother of the two who loved to play the piano. He was a blues and jazz player. When he stayed with his brother’s family, the narrator say; “At first, Isabel would write me, saying how nice it was that Sonny was so serious about his music and how as soon as he came in from school, or wherever he had been when he was supposed to be at school, he went straight to that piano and stayed there until suppertime, and, after supper, he went back to that piano and stayed there until everybody went to bed” (Baldwin, 53). But Sonny also used heroin and was put in jail for a little while because of the people he hung around with. Sonny always stay in trouble but was trying to get his life on track. Compare to his brother, his life was not on track.

Sonny’s brother was a math teacher, who taught algebra at a high school, near where he lived. He also was a family man with a family of his own. He has a wife, two sons and a daughter who died shortly before he wrote Sonny. The narrator loved his family, and he had promise his mother that he will look out for S

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