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Shopping Online

             Fashion is a big part of everyday life in the world today. The type of clothing and accessories people wear often portrays the type of person they are. That is why people often like to wear name brand clothing and accessories. Finding name brand clothing and accessories are often hard to do in local malls. Being a college student, it is often hard for me to find name brand clothing and accessories since school takes up a lot of my time. Most of the malls with name brands are hours away and there is no possible way for me to get there. I have found out that instead of wasting my time going to the mall, I would make the mall come to me. Online shopping is a better alternative than going to the mall. It can be done at the convenience of our own home. One particular website that I decided to evaluate is the Coach website found at . Coach is a very popular brand and can only be found in certain places. The Coach website was very convenient, useful, and dependable. It helped me find all the information that I needed.
             Coach sells many products including handbags, women’s and men’s accessories, business and travel accessories, home furniture, pet accessories, and children’s clothing and accessories. One particular item that I was looking for was a Coach handbag. The Coach website was the best place to go. At the click of a button, the page loaded within seconds. Right away I could see exactly where I needed to go in order to find handbags. At the top of the page, there was a list of links. One of them was “Handbags,” and under that, there were many other smaller links categorizing the handbags. I clicked on the “Browse All” link which enabled me to look at all of the handbags in the different categories all at once. The design of the website was very well done. Every link had a smaller link which made it very easy in finding the product I needed.