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My Room

    The room in my house that has most character is my room. My room has the most character because when I come home from work or school, I spend most of my time in my room. I live with my mother, still, and she works all of the time. My mother is never at home. So, therefore, most of the time, its just me at home alone. I remember, when I was little, I was always sent to my room. So, eventually, over time I began to put up posters and other personal items, that are special to me, up on my wall.     My room is covered with band posters. There are posters of bands that I enjoy listening to pined up on my wall. These posters also include, 1950s pin up doll Bettie Page, and pictures of my friends. I, also, have a collection of Living Dead Dolls. I have a desk with some of my sculptures on it. My room is very colorful. I have purple curtains, and blue bed sheets; that look like the sky. I have a Bob Marley tapestry that has his face on it; the tapestry is yellow, green, and red. My tile is marble black and white, when you look at the floor in every tile it looks like there is a battle going on between darkness and light. I have a book case with all types of books: dreams, astrology, vampires, chakras system, and witch craft. I have an alter set up in my room with a dagger and ceremony cup, tarot cards, and runes cards. I love my room.

  I have my room the way I want it. I have change it many times but it still feels the same. When I come home from a long day at work I go to my room and turn on the radio and listen to the songs. I think my room has more character then the others because all the other rooms don't have any color, the other rooms are white and dull. I would say the heart of the house is the kitchen, but no one goes in the kitchen, unless their hungry; other then that the kitchen is always empty. When   I come home from a hard days work, I go to my room and listen to music. When I'm in my room I can e

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