Everything happens for a reason

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Everything happens for a reason. People make decisions based upon their own opinion for their certain reasons. Sometimes there are good decisions made and sometimes there are bad ones but nonetheless there will always be consequences; both adverse and beneficial. These effects will not only influence that one person, but also others as well. Life is all about making the right choices and choosing what is best for one's self. Several of the poems that we have read contain these concepts of how things happen for certain reasons and how people's decisions affect the lives of others furthermore. "The Road Not Taken , "To the Virgins, to Make Much of Time , "Ozymandies , and "My Last Duchess  are all poems that we read that exhibit people making decisions for certain reasons that affect others. Some of these poems try to tell the reader to make certain decisions; the other poems give prime examples of what decisions not to make. Either way, each of the poems are similar in a way that they each have to do with people making choices for personal benefit.

"To the Virgins, to Make Much of Time , by Robert Herrick, is perhaps the best example of how an author tries to p

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