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Calvin Klein

             On the first page of an advertisement for Calvin Klein underwear, two youthful models sit holding each other. They sit intertwined on the floor half naked, the woman’s underwear branded with the label Calvin Klein is just visible to the viewer’s eye. The mans face is contorted into an appearance of a rebellious pout, while the woman’s half cocked head looks sexy and appealing. The couple presents an image of complete perfection, their flawless bodies and free expressions of sexuality are an image not many could ignore, an image of boundless potential; wealth, strength, beauty, perfection, intelligence, or class. An image with several levels of meaning that the average American consumer is willing to purchase.
             This Calvin Klein advertisement presents a desirable woman cradled in the arms of the ideal man. She is milky white in complexion accompanied with impeccable beauty, her weight is maintained to a minimum, and her hair flows freely down her exposed back. She looks at the viewer with innocent eyes under carefully tweezed brows. He is toned, athletic, and in the prime of his youth. He scowls in an intimidating manner inclosing and protecting her in the security of his arms. They both are dressed in the same attire; blue jeans and briefs with the exception of her black boots and a necklace only partly visible .
             on her neck. The picture is taken in black and white film giving of shadows that enhance the lines of their figures, and presents an eye catching and romantic sensation. .
             When selling this image, the Calvin Klein advertisement company, associated the advertisement with a sexy couple to reel in their onlookers. The first thing that captures the readers eyes is the fact that these two young people are half naked and in a very sexual position.