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Every Dark Cloud Has a Silver Lining

             I agree that “Every Dark Cloud Has a Silver Lining” because in most cases after a bad situation passes a good thing appears. Having a baby has its bad side but at the end there is a very good thing, having the baby in your hands. Another example would be sports. Sports is fun but you loose time, this lost time could be use to do homework. The last example would be braces. The entire treatment might bore you and you might not like it but when your treatment finishes your teeth are perfectly aliened.
             The example of having a baby is a very good example. For the mother, 9 months carrying a human being in their stomach is too much of a responsibility. The mothers will have pain and would have to eat as twice because she must feed herself and the baby. She would have to give up stuff like sports or walking a lot or just hanging around with her friends. She must be at home resting and doing very small things. Those 9 months for her pregnancy might be frustrating but when the day comes for the baby to come out, the mother will feel happy and satisfied. First, she now has a baby and she can do her regular life again, well not the 100% normal, but she would not have any more pains but happy laughter’s of her new baby. So at first it might be frustrating and the mother will not be happy but at the end she is rewarded and she feels happy again.
             Another example is sports, exercise. When you are doing sports you loose time of homework. Usually you take a lot of time doing sports and then you go home tired, so you have no energy for your homework. That is not a very good choice. The bright side of it is that you stay health and grow but the bad side is that you can not do anything but sleep! So the choice is yours!.
             The final example of “every dark cloud has a silver lining” is the treatment of braces. At the beginning the braces hurt, you wish you can just take them out and throw them away.