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Enthnographic Paper

            For the both of us choosing a congregation for research was a very difficult task. Considering the fact that both of us are half Jewish, we did not have any prior schooling or extensive research on this topic; we chose to study a Jewish religious community. We decided that we wanted to learn more, and perhaps even get involved with the Jewish community. We chose to study the “Sons of Israel” Congregation. It is an Orthodox synagogue that was founded in 1904. Its weekly members amount to almost 200 members. It is located on 21st and Benson avenues in Brooklyn. We decided to go to the synagogue for the first time on March 28th, which was a Friday. To our surprise the area seemed to be residential, and it was not a highly populated Jewish area.
             We arrived at the synagogue late Friday afternoon. As we located the synagogue, it was not hard for us to find it because we both live near by, and it is a very large and beautiful religious center. Following the Jewish religion, we both had to wear long skirts covering our knees and fully closed shirts. As we walked inside the synagogue we had some trouble finding the rabbi’s office due to the fact that this was our first visit to a synagogue. After finding our way around, we located a rabbi by the name of Baruch Krupnik. Rabbi Krupnik was a big man; he had grey hair, a partially grey, long beard, and thick lens eyeglasses. He looked to be somewhere between mid to late fifties. We experienced a very odd feeling at the first sight of him. At the first sight of us the Rabbi’s eyes widened, and he looked at us with a peculiar stare. We came up to the Rabbi and introduced ourselves. We told him about the project and what it required us to do. We also asked him if we could interview him. After we explained to him the nature of this assignment, a big smile emerged from his face. We sat down with him in his office, and began our interview with him.