Studying abroad

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Hello, everyone. I ¡ ¯m Sarah and very honored to give a speech here. Today my topic is about studying abroad.

Recent years, more and more Chinese people rush abroad for studying, especially students in college, high school and middle school, even a lot of children are sent abroad in their childhood. In fact, the number of people studying or planning to study abroad has increased so rapidly that now it is very common to see several Chinese students walking in the campus of nearly any foreign country.

Most families in China are not very rich and the visas to some countries are hard to obtain, but almost all of them support their children studying abroad and devote all the money to it. I think the reason is that many parents put their dreams onto children, want them to be the best, understand how difficult to find a good, stable job at present in China and see many people who have studied abroad get better job and earn high salary, thus they think it is worth investing their money to send children abroad and some of them even believe that it will provide a guarantee for their children to find good job and enjoy high-quality life after coming back.

On the other hand , as for people who study abroad voluntarily, they usually h

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