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Oil Change

             How to change oil.
             You are suppose too change your oil in your car every 3,000 miles. So it is a Friday morning and you have the day off and you need to change your oil. So what do you need? First thing to start with is you need oil. So you get in your car and drive to the local auto store. Walk up to the desk and ask one of the people what type of oil you have to use in your car. Then also ask what kind of oil filter you need. Then pay for your purchase and it is time to go home.
             Let your car set for an hour at least to let the engine cool down. While you wait you can gather the other things you need. Grab the drain pain and a funnel. Make sure to dusk them off before you use them. Look for you socket and ratchet. The socket must match the oil drain plug. Next look for some gloves so your hands will not get dirty. You might need a filter wrench to get off the oil but most times you can take it off with your hands. You will need a jack to get car in the air and some jack stands to hold it up. You should never jack a car up without jack stands because the car could fall on you while you are working under it. .
             You wait a couple of hours because it will take you that long to find all the tools. So time get started and you let your car run to normal temperature so that the oil will flow better because it is warm. You will need to jack the car up so, look for a strong frame support. So you find the frame support and you jack it up. Then you put jack stands under the frame rails on the side of the car. Now put on your gloves, grab the drain pan, filter wrench and socket wrench and get under the car. Do not touch any of the parts that go to you exhaust because they still will be hot. Put the drain pan under the oil plug and start to unscrew the bolt with the socket wrench. It should be on tight but keep on turning and it will come off. Grab the screw before it falls in the oil pan.