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Dual creation stories

             How are the Priestly and Jahweh versions of creation similar? The .
             beginning of time and the creation of the world has a dual telling, .
             composed of two principal layers. There is the Priestly source that also.
             provides an editorial framework, and a non-priestly narrative, identified by .
             many scholars as belonging to the Jahweh version. The Priestly account of .
             creation presents God as a divine ruler, creating the universe by decree in .
             six days and resting on the seventh. The Jahweh version has a different .
             style and order of events. It has creation in the Garden of Eden. How are .
             the Priestly and Jahweh versions of creation are similar in results and .
             actions, not in sequence. .
             How was earth created by God? In the Priestly version, God .
             creates light and separates it from darkness forming night and day. God .
             then continues for a total of six days creating the world, culminating on .
             the seventh day God resting in Sabbath. With this story God is systematic .
             and calculating everything he does, with the long term in mind. The.
             Priests version sounds almost like a theological version of the big bang .
             theory. On the other hand the Jahweh version sounds more religious even .
             though it gives the names of rivers that exist on earth. In their sequence .
             man is created first by the breath of God (Gen 2 Verse 8) and then the .
             Lord God planted a garden in Eden, in the east; and there he put the man .
             whom he had formed. .
             Johnson 2.
             How did all of the living creatures on earth come to be and how .
             did they get their names? The dual tellings both have interesting versions. .
             The Priests in verses 20-25 of their creation story tell us that God on the .
             fifth and sixth day created all the living creatures, before man is created, .
             but it does not say who names them. The Jahweh version has man at the .
             center of God’s attention. In Genesis Ch 2 verses 18-20 God creates all of .
             the creatures of the earth at the same time and actually takes them to man .