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Relationship with a Father

            In life there are relationships that can get in the way of finding love. These are barriers that have to be overcome for a person to find love. Emily from William Faulkner’s “A Rose for Emily” and Eveline from James Joyce’s “Eveline” are two characters that are similar in that they have similar relationships with their fathers. Their relationship with their fathers has a major effect on their characters. The relationship makes it difficult for them to find love, makes them resistant to change, and causes them to not be able to leave their fathers.
             “A Rose for Emily” describes events in the life of a character called Miss Emily Grierson. Miss Emily lives a very lonely life and feels as though laws do not apply to her. She refuses to pay taxes and kills a man she loves. In the story “Eveline”, Eveline finds love with a man called Frank. He asks her to leave Ireland and come to Buenos Aires with him. She has to make the decision to stay at home or to start a new life with Frank. .
             Emily and Eveline’s relationship with their fathers makes it very difficult for them to find love. Emily’s father is a very wealthy man and he feels that no man is good enough for his daughter. “We remembered all the young men her father had driven away” (Faulkner 77). He does not allow Emily to have her own life. This results in her living a very secluded life and she is not able to find love until after her father dies. In the same way, Eveline’s father does not want her to be with Frank. “One day he had quarreled with Frank and after that she had to meet with her lover secretly.” (Joyce 526). Eveline wants to be with Frank, but she is not able to because of her father. Both fathers make it very difficult for their daughters to find love and lead their own lives. .
             Both Emily and Eveline are resistant to change.