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Reflection of child development

             Parent Education Workshop Observation:.
             I learned that delivering parent education is not as easy as I thought it would be. Parents feel that they know everything there is to know about their child, and implementing new ideas have to be done carefully, not to offend the parent’s intelligence.
             If I was providing the workshop, I would have got the parents more involved in relating the effects of self-esteem to their child. Instead of just giving parents points on their child’s self-esteem, it is important for parents to believe that results of self-esteem can also be a factor for their child. Some parents know things like self-esteem exist in children, but parents tend not to believe that it is a trait of their child.
             This workshop informs parents of factors that exist in children, also showing parents how to handle the different situations. The parents in turn should apply what they learn from the workshop to their child. This process will help the child deal with their self-esteem (in our workshop we dealt with self-esteem) properly, and hopefully overcome the situation.
             Child Care Practice:.
             I learned that I am not as patient at all times with children as I thought I would be. It takes a lot out of me dealing with children because I have to remember they are not adults. This taught me that providing child care for a parent education workshop is not just a simple task. Providing child care is essential because you are a direct influence on the child’s development, and you are taking on the same role of parents at times. .
             If I were able to provide child care for this group again, I would do a couple of things differently. I would let the children use their creativity a little bit more by letting them create games and interaction activities for themselves. I believe this lets children form rules and have a sense of control over their environment by themselves.